Our Team

Clearinghouse Research Center Staff

The National Student Clearinghouse® Research Center™ staff oversees the research arm of the National Student Clearinghouse. Tasked with compiling and interpreting hard data from the over 3,700 schools that use the Clearinghouse’s services, the Research Center staff develops reports on enrollment trends that inform education leaders and policymakers.

  • Doug Shapiro, Ph.D., Executive Research Director Contact
  • Afet Dundar, Ph.D., Director Contact
  • Mikyung Ryu, Ph.D., Director, Research Publications Contact
  • Joshua Leake, Research Operations Manager Contact
  • Michelle Blackwell, Manager, Data Partnerships Contact
  • Diana Gillum, Senior Research Associate Contact
  • Faye Huie, Ph.D., Senior Research Associate Contact
  • Qing Liu, Research Analyst Contact
  • Zifan Huang, Research Analyst Contact
  • Jennifer Causey, Research Associate Contact

Clearinghouse Research Center Board of Directors

As the research arm of the Clearinghouse, the Research Center is governed by a board of directors who are experienced in higher education, including education research and policy.


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