Transfer, Mobility, and Progress

National Student Clearinghouse Research Center’s Update on Transfer Students

October 2020

Current discussions in higher education regarding the effects of COVID-19 have been primarily shaped by prognostications, in the absence of hard facts of the situation nationally. In the tumultuous climate currently facing higher education, there is widespread support for addressing longstanding concerns about equity. College students who intended to transfer may have their plans disrupted, while those who did not may suddenly need to change course. These disruptions may be greatest for learners from low-income backgrounds, rural communities, or communities of color, considering racial/ethnic disparities indicated in our recent report.

Recognizing the urgency of COVID-19’s impact on students and institutions, the Research Center will disseminate rapid response information and context for the education community and individual learners seeking to understand how the pandemic is changing transfer pathways across higher education over the next two years. The transfer pathways considered will be defined broadly to include vertical, lateral, and reverse transfer.

Informed by these data, campus, state, and national leaders will be better able to adapt and plan in the months and years ahead to deliver educational opportunities for students they serve, particularly the most vulnerable student populations. This series is created with support from Ascendium and ECMC.

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